M V Muthuramalingam

Chairman, Velammal Educational Trust

I appreciate your decision for selecting our school for your child’s education. I welcome you and your child to our institution. As the Chairman of Velammal Educational Trust, I am very delighted to exchange my thoughts with you.


M V M Velmurugan

CEO, Velammal Educational Trust

Velammal Global School is a unique, cutting-edge educational opportunity for children in Chennai, as it provides the best modern educational program and also gives them the opportunity to foster relationships, develop skills and perceive concepts.

Velammal Educational Trust

Founded in 1986, Velammal Educational Trust is the largest educational networks in the country and has been in the forefront of matriculate, CBSE and Engineering education for the last 30 years in South India. The group has added a state- of- the-art Medical College in Madurai and two IGCSE Global Schools in 2013-15 in Chennai.

Even with my humble beginning, I have always believed I could create such a large institution with 77,000 students and 10,000 staff members. The question that always come to my mind is that, If I can succeed, can I make my students as successful as me.

My answer to this question is always “ YES”. To achieve success, my belief is dream big, think differently, focus intensely, work consistently and learn from the past failures. So, we play a vital role in making successful global champions .All that we expect from our Velammal parents is to do a continuous follow up of their children’s progress in all their endeavors.

In this age of competition, children are achieving very high distinctions, but the greatest support they require from the parents is instilling human values, Indian culture, the secret of hard work and achieving ethical success thus creating a happy and successful life. This can be done only by parents and the institution. We are ready. I hope you are ready too.

Come let us start this unique journey together.

M V Muthuramalingam

Our program is designed to inspire, challenge, nurture and promote the growth of all students. Our trained and faculty empowers students with appropriate life skills and a sound knowledge, bearing particular relevance in the context of a globalized world today.

The next global generation will need exceptional academic and intellectual creativity to be leaders, in order to address the many challenges that face our world. So it is our endeavor to provide such an education at VGS. It is our intention to build a community of responsible, compassionate and lifelong learners who are committed to a sustainable future.

Yours in the Service of Education,

MVM Velmurugan

Velammal Global School is a place, where we nurture and develop young minds to its fullest. It is a practice at VGS to focus on the overall development, along with a vision of academic excellence for all students. At Velammal both adults and children place the experience of learning at the center of their daily activity and has built a healthy school environment. As a result of continuous study and reflection of various best practices that exists in different parts of the world, we have been able to transform our classrooms into a small research facility for all our students. We are still learning and exploring various ways to enrich our curriculum so that every individual child could realize his/ her full potential.

At Velammal Global School, we believe in giving children the “freedom to learn” by letting them explore the world, helping them to be responsible for their learning, to build strong relationships with others and to feel empowered and confident. The school management and educators work with each other on a variety of activities, including developing and aligning curriculum, instructional practices, assessment, problem solving and professional development and thus approach every aspect of life at Velammal with thorough professionalism and an amiable attitude. We groom each individual whether adult or a student into an able leader who could face the world with confidence.

Finally, Velammal Global School is a blissful place where we engage in nation building and character formation where every individual is valued and respected.

Reneesh Matthew

Velammal Educational Trust

Founded in 1986, Velammal Educational Trust is the largest educational networks in the country and has been in the forefront of matriculate, CBSE and Engineering education for the last 30 years in South India. The group has added a state- of- the-art Medical College in Madurai and two IGCSE Global Schools in 2013-15 in Chennai.


Discover Velammal Global School the ultimate learning destination for your child. The innovative approaches to learning and researching handled by our educators/facilitators inculcate globally sought after 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creative thinking, critical analysis and professionalism.

Learning at Velammal Global School is personalized to the distinctive learning needs of your child as we dismantle the existing learning spaces and pave way for an enriching and customized learning environment.

We encapsulate the vision of many leading educational pioneers with exemplary objectives.

We provide affordable, world class K-7 education and fulfill the dream of promoting community learning and personalized learning networks.

Velammal Global School follows the world renown CAMBRIDGE curriculum that progressively and seamlessly transforms children to take on the challenges in a global setting.

We have created a truly global learning environment to support creative thinking and lifelong experiential learning with a team of carefully selected Leaders, experts and educators who come with a global exposure and experience.

Velammal Global School also imparts to your child a deep understanding and profound insight into the rich Indian values and the deep rooted Indian culture.


Spirit of Inquiry

We believe that a spirit of inquiry is the key to progress and change and we encourage this in children and educators.


We will teach and learn to treat each other with honesty, compassion and respect. We create a stimulating, fun and open work culture that promotes personal development and work/life balance, rewards competitively and celebrates success.


We promote collaboration and sharing of ideas. We encourage our people to challenge established practices and achieve continuous improvement.

From Educators to Learner and Life Coaches Vision

We envision creating a generation of thought leaders who are capable, competent and confident by providing a life-long learning environment, constructed carefully through a world of experiences within the classrooms and beyond.


The mission of our institutions is to provide a high quality technologically enabled, safe and secure learning environment that nurtures all-round holistic development. In order to attain this we apply a systematic, differentiated and holistic approach in academics and other activities.

"VELAMMAL GLOBAL SCHOOLS are in the serene & peaceful
locations of
Puzhal and Mambakkam."