From Educators to Learner and Life Coaches

Our educators are learning coaches rather than teachers. An educator is one who enhances skills rather than one who tells, who can take an integrated multidisciplinary approach to learning and not teach subjects from a single textbook. This approach is based on an open curriculum structure giving the educator freedom to construct unique personalized learning experiences for the learner.

From Classrooms to Learning Spaces

Our learning spaces are designed to provide better opportunities for collaborative work, individualized coaching and self learning. They are designed to inspire creativity, collaboration and innovation, as well as nurturing academic and social development.

The learning community offers:

  • Creative Zones
  • Natural World Exploration Areas
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Zones
  • Communication and Collaborative Learning Areas
  • Performance Stages
  • Activity and Health Zones
  • Innovation and Robotics Labs.
  • From traditional teaching to experiential learning

    VGS learning spaces provide ample scope to our facilitators to explore a range of learning modalities to create unique learning experiences.

    The curriculum is driven not by the educator who has a fixed agenda of “completing” a syllabus but driven by a desire to create a unique learning experience. The educator is a trigger to further learning. Modalities refer to how students use their senses in the learning process. We commonly consider four modalities: visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (moving), and tactile (touching). The more senses or modalities we can activate, the more learning will take place

    • Independent Study
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Team Collaboration
    • One-on-One learning with a teacher
    • Project-based learning
    • Technology with mobile computers
    • Internet-based research
    • Student presentation
    • Performance-based learning
    • Seminar-style instruction
    • Inter-disciplinary learning
    • Enrichment Programs in tune with emerging careers

      The learning environment is carefully constructed to help the learner create a world of meaning through a sense of inquisitiveness and creativity. The New Gen learning environment is designed to cater to all interests and inclinations and offers a plethora of activities which are offered both as integrated and as stand-alone programs.

      The learning community offers:

    • Art & aesthetics
    • Music & dance
    • Robotics and maker’s lab
    • Young Entrepreneur’s Club
    • Tennis
    • Yoga
    • Base ball
    • Theatre