Velammal Global School Primary follows the Cambridge Primary curriculum. This specially designed curriculum infused with 21st century learning aspects will focus on development in the following domains.

Communication Skills

Learners begin communicating with people and systems, creating and expressing themselves at an early age. This is a critical skill that governs lifelong success.


Learners learn to express ideas and feelings through art, music and movement and explore their innate talents.


An integrated approach to Innovation and entrepreneurship, including the study of new developments and innovations open up avenues of emerging careers like app making and online business.

Learning Skills and Self-Reflection

Learners reflect on their own learning: evaluate and develop their own learning strategies with support from our educators. Our learning coaches are specially trained to develop thinking and learning skills in our children, nurturing a sustainable independence in our learners.

Social and Emotional Development

Learners develop confidence to change, adapt and develop new skills. By interacting and negotiating solutions they develop their interpersonal skills,turning them into leaders as they grow.

Discovery of the World

We focus on the spirit of inquiry. Learners show interest in the world in which they live. They learn about their world through questioning, exploring and investigating. In higher classes, this area will evolve into an interest in sciences and social sciences.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Learners begin to recognise shapes, colours and numbers through toys, games and basic puzzles. They begin to make sense of their daily encounters. These skills developed in the early years, will lead to solving more complex problems in higher classes.

Physical Development, Sports and Health

Learners participate regularly in fun and vigorous physical activities leading to developing physical strength, endurance, balance and manipulative skills. This leads to greater interest in sports and games as they grow. While we don’t offer a comprehensive health programme, we do monitor various aspects of our children’s health that may impact on other areas of their development.