• Rote Learning
  • Traditional Educational Systems


  • Activity Based learning
  • Technology Enabled Content


  • Interdisciplinary
  • Experiential
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Focus on Holistic Transformation

The teaching learning methodology will be in keeping with the philosophy of education systems 3.0 wherein the learners will go through an interdisciplinary and experiential approach focusing on the holistic transformation rather than only academics. Living in the age of information tsunami, there is every possibility that the child tends to get drowned in the influx of information and technological gadgets. The school will take on the responsibility of organizing and channelizing information so that the child able to construct his learning, unit by unit and not be overwhelmed by it. Teachers are trained not only by curricular experts but also by motivational speakers and psychologists to enable the formation of a holistic individual.


VELAMMAL GLOBAL SCHOOL wishes to accommodate the skills of digital natives. The staff are trained not just on technology but on handling digital devices and integrating the enhancing classroom learning. Tab based learning will be introduced in at the appropriate levels for making learning interesting and effective.