Velammal Global School is an Institution with state-of- the-art infrastructure, purpose built, safe and highly conducive to learning. Designed in close deliberations with leading educational consultants, the new age digitally cutting edge campus provides vast community learning zones for collaborative teaching approach and common break out space needed to effectively implement the experiential programs. Diligent and meticulous care to the minutest detail has gone into designing this New Age Knowledge Hub. Our revolutionary campus has all the facilities and amenities to implement the internationally recognized Cambridge Programs.

Learning Studios

Classrooms at VELAMMAL GLOBAL are far removed from traditional classrooms. Designed by leading architects, the classrooms will be flexible learning spaces with very relaxed learning atmosphere with learning space design furniture. They are thus no more class 'rooms' but 'learning studios' where children explore learning along with not teachers but facilitators and coaches through role plays, projects, simulation and the like.

Dhyan - The Yoga Studio

Our children live in a hurry-up world of busy parents, school pressures, incessant lessons, video games, malls and competitive sports. These are indeed stressful for kids. Of course, yoga is a perfect solution! So, we have yoga studio to cultivate inner harmony for the buddies.

Science Laboratories

The identity of the best kinds of exposure blended with more conventional learning experiences are the remarkable features of our laboratories. We help our young minds to think on rational lines by providing technically sound laboratories for Physics and Chemistry.

ICT Laboratories

We aim for digital literacy for our learners. Knowing that computers are now ubiquitous, our farsighted management empowers everyone in the campus to integrate technology into curriculum and instructional methodology to provide our students a richer, more differentiated and more relevant learning environment. As technology is transparent and imperative, our students are provided with world class Learning Management Systems.

The Computer lab at VELAMMAL GLOBAL SCHOOL is an ample indication of the quality infrastructure made available for the students to train in information technology. Our Hi Tech Labs with networked computers in hand with tech centric curriculum surpass the board stipulations. Besides this, broadband internet connectivity, Campus network and ideal student – machine ratio ensures our students to have an interesting, interactive and experiential mode of learning in an international ambience.

Sports Facilities

The school has a sprawling playground to facilitate the children to run within the school grounds and to play outdoor games for their physical development. The campus consists of indoor and outdoor arenas to help them learn variety of sports with the help of well trained and experienced physical education trainers.


VELAMMAL GLOBAL SCHOOL library is designed as both brick and mortar and digital library with books and Amazon kindles available for quick access. Not just world class infrastructure but also some of the interesting programs like story telling workshops and Reading programs are being conducted throughout the year at the library.